Discover the 5 Steps To Lasting Relief

"If I hadn't discovered these 5 steps...I'd still be in total pain today..."


My name is Ian Clark.

I started experiencing occasional joint pain when I turned 50. It was mild at first, but it didn’t take long before the pain spread. I started getting regular joint pain in my hands, wrists, ankles, back and knees. By the time I discovered the 5 easy, fast steps I’m about to show you, I was suffering from debilitating pain everyday.

Since you’ve been living with this pain, your entire life has turned upside down. Many things you’re used to doing with ease are now met with difficulty. Many things you’ve dreamed of doing are either put on hold or given up altogether.

You spend your time calculating how much pain and discomfort a given activity will induce.

You spend your time trying to decrease the amount of pain each day's activities cause.

You spend your time living out chunks of your life behind closed doors.

The sad truth: you’ve given up control of your life to your ailment.

Over time you struggle with staying positive. Your entire demeanor changes. And you’d trade just about anything to experience one day of feeling “normal” again.

To make matters worse, no one seems to get it. That's because they can’t feel what’s going on under your skin. And so they can be dismissive… flippant… and even obnoxious when they try to “help”.

It can almost feel like a slap in the face. A punch in the gut. Especially when it’s coming from a loved one or trusted medical professional.

Yet, you come to realize something. You discover you can cope with far more pain and exhaustion than you ever thought was possible.

And so you fight, moving forward in spite of your daily struggle.

However, I want you to know: You’re not alone in this fight.

You see, my decade-plus spent specializing in the alternative health field has taught me many things. In fact, I explain this in detail in my breakdown on the next page, but...maybe there's nothing more important for you now than this:

There’s a critical difference between “managing” aches, pains and stress… and RELIEVING them…

What’s more?

I’ve discovered something else. Banishing what ails you (and finally bathing in lasting relief) starts with taking 5 key steps that I’ve identified.

I’ll share them with you now.

None of these are rocket science. Yet, they’re too often overlooked. In fact, I myself was mis-stepping on at least four of these when battling my own debilitating health issues. I wish someone had given me these tips years ago.

The good news?

Right now, they’re yours…

These are the 5 steps you absolutely MUST take to finally start experiencing lasting relief in your daily life.

1. Stop Blaming Your Age

There’s no denying the fact that as you become older, you become a bit worse for wear.

Yes, your body ‘winds down’ as you climb up there in years to some degree. But keep this in mind: “aging” and “growing old” are two different things.

It’s why you may have seen 90-year-old men in the park bouncing around like they’re spring chickens. And why you’ve seen 30-year-old suits on the street who look and act like grumpy old men.

Still… how easy is it to rationalize away what ails you with age-related ‘logic’? Here's the thing though:

Do you know what happens when you blame your age for your aches, pains and stress?

It’s a myth that’s cost men and women relief for ages. And it’s a myth that allows YOUR MIND to sabotage YOUR BODY. And it costs you the relief you’re capable of experiencing (and deserve).

I assure you, a closed mind makes finding lasting relief exponentially more out of reach.

Because accepting this myth doesn’t just close your mind to possible new and alternative relief solutions. It also sends signals to your body that the pain it’s experiencing is the “new normal”. Knowing this, why would you want to willingly accept this myth?

I blamed my age for years before I discovered the real source of my pain. I'll show you what it was in the video on the next page.

2. Don’t Stop at a Second Opinion

When I was dealing with debilitating health issues my primary doctor told me I needed surgery. So I called my brother for a second opinion. He’s been a doctor for over 37 years now. And he confirmed I had no other option but to go under the knife.

I love my brother. And I respect his profession. But boy am I glad I refused to accept that piece of last-ditch advice.


Invasive treatments can be scary. Downright frightening even. Yet physicians and specialists resort to them when they’ve got no other answer for you.

You see, you don’t just walk a dangerous line with getting cut open… but also with getting put under. Both carry risks of injury, no real relief on the other end and even death.

Make no mistake, invasive procedures play a critical role in health care. Especially in emergency situations. But the fact of the matter is, specialists are trained to examine and focus on only ONE aspect of health.

Wouldn’t you prefer the FULL PICTURE of why you’re suffering and what your best options are? If so, you’d be wise to seek out third, fourth, fifth (and beyond) opinions on how best to find lasting relief. And sometimes that means doing your own investigating, and NOT settling for first OR second opinions — just like I’ve been doing for the past decade and show you how to do on the next page.

I mean, think about it:

Do you really want to risk a botched procedure, long recovery times, no lasting sense of relief (and even potential death)? Especially when you’ve yet to explore safer, less invasive solutions?

No way right? Even if you’re not sure where to turn, I’ve got news for you. There are at least a few less risky (and much less expensive) things you’ve yet to consider. And I’ll show you one in a second…

3. Forget Drowning Your Sorrows

This should go without saying.

However, a recent National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism study revealed an alarming statistic. A whopping 28% of men and women experiencing chronic pain turn to alcohol to ease their suffering. So it needs to be stated.

Laboratory studies confirm alcohol does indeed reduce pain. The evidence is there. Which is why it’s an alluring means of “taking the edge off”… even if it only provides fleeting relief.

Yet these same studies show something else.

Fact of the matter is (aside from other health risks) drowning your sorrows with booze can actually make your pain WORSE.

​On the next page I want to show you of the the pain fighting minerals that alcohol actually drains your body of, but for now...

Consider this vicious cycle:

Withdrawal from alcohol use often increases pain sensitivity. And this could possibly motivate you to continue drinking. Or worse, you might INCREASE your drinking to reverse withdrawal-related spikes in pain.

Sure, it’s tempting to ‘put a few back’. Especially at the end of a long, hard day. I get it. But it’s no way to achieve lasting relief.

4. Stop Masking Your Pain

What does your medicine cabinet look like right now?

There was a time when mine looked like an altar to the pharmaceutical industry. Shelves littered with prescription and over-the-counter drugs, creams and ‘potions’.

We could focus on unpredictable side-effects or the risks associated with combining different meds, but let's skip that for now. Instead, let’s look at the relief ‘sin’ many of these concoctions commit.

It’s this: They merely mask your pain.

Much like alcohol, they numb the pain for a time… yet never provide full relief. How can they?

They can’t… because they only address the SYMPTOMS of your pain. And what happens when you invest hope in solutions designed to target your symptoms without addressing the cause? You doom yourself to frustration, exhaustion and despair.

I cover this more in depth on the next page, but this brings us to the most powerful, long-term relief step of them all…

5. Fight Aches, Pains and Stress at their Source

There’s a reason you're reading this. A reason why pills, procedures and repeated appointments with specialists haven’t given you lasting relief.

The fact of the matter is, you haven’t been given the full story about pain.

Here’s what I mean:

“If you want to relieve pain — as opposed to just managing it —
you have to treat it at the SOURCE. Not just the symptom. ”

You see, aches, pains and stress are signals of a deeper problem. One that's going on somewhere else in your body. Somewhere beneath the site of the pain itself. Often in a completely different area of your body altogether.

This begs the question then:

How do you root out health conditions at their source and finally find lasting relief?

What has a decade of research and investigation into holistic and alternative health revealed? You can trace back many “mysterious” ailments to three hidden biological “pain factors”

In fact, over 50 conditions have been clinically tied to just ONE of these pain factors.
And they respond to a natural treatment you can apply from the comfort of your own home.

Unfortunately, no one’s talking about this stuff. Not even your doctors. Yet it’s imperative you expose yourself to the truth.

Which is why I’ve created a free video for you that reveals all. It clearly explains these 3 hidden biological pain factors… how I used this natural relief treatment to relieve my own pain more quickly than I ever imagined possible… and how you can now do the same…

It’s all on the next page.